Kalisto Horacimo

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Kalisto Horacimo

Post by Jerimiah Foster on Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:48 pm

Name: Kalisto Tyrell Horacimo
Age: 22.
Gender: Male.
Height: 6'2.
Weight: 145 Lb.
Personality: Very Serious, Strict, Easy to anger. Kalisto can be a hothead at times, barking out orders at disrespectful people, or ones who annoy him. Other than that, he can be quite cool, and is popular with the aspiring Pro duelists.
Bio: Kalisto is a ex-Pro Duelist who grew up in a wealthy family. He hated being spoiled, so he sought out to earn everything he wanted. He then heard about a game called Duel Monsters when he was 10, and decided he would try it. To everyone's surprise, he breezed through locals with his fast, aggressive playstyle that incinerated his opponents. At 16, he entered the Pro League, and had a impressive record of 19-1, with his only loss being to Leon Robinson after a intense 40 turn game. Leon then invited Kalisto to teach at his academy.
Dueling style: Aggressive and very powerful monsters, combined with Burn spells for added pain.
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