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Pixiv Zero

Post by SoraHeartless on Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:07 pm

Name: Pixiv Zero Nickname: Pix
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Duel Style: Pixiv's style of dueling is quite slow and defensive when the duel starts but when he gets the chance it turns aggressive and Pix becomes a little sadistic and heartless.  
Personality: A bashful little guy, usually never talks or gives eye contact. He's always blushing, he can't explain why though. He always has a sweater on or something else of the same manner with long sleeves to cover his mouth, and apologizes a lot even when he knows there isn't a reason to. He always looks like he is crying but it might not be a good thing to ask why. The usual times you will ever encounter him are when you go to the boy's dorm in his room because he is always on his computer doing work of some kind.
Character Background: Being adopted as a child to his now older brother/legal guardian, Pixiv's life is mediocre to him but to in the eye of the public his life is luxurious. He is a child of an extremely wealthy family that has been catering to his every needs but do to his shy nature it's overwhelming to him still. But any given chance he has to be away from them, hinting his computer and electronics obsession, he will take it. The reasoning to why he always has cat ears and a tail on is because of his brother, being found like a stray kitten before he when he was adopted, Pixiv was forced to cosplay as one but he has gotten used to it.
Appearance: Go look on the server

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