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Draco Fragmentum

Post by Draco Fragmentum on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:49 pm

Appearance: a heavily built, dark skinned man. his clothing his mostly plain, wearing grey jeans, a brown stetson and brown boots. His black shirt however bears 2 purple-eyes inside a metallic skeletal head on the front of his shirt. The back of his shirt bears the words ‘’non est enim potestas hostiae metallum’’ translating to ‘’sacrifices can be made for the power of metal’’.

Name: Draco Fragmentum

Gender: male

Age: 17

Personality: generally friendly to all he meets, he is a gentleman in how he acts (though his appearance usually doesn’t show that). He can turn violent however, this usually happening when someone takes an issue too far, he is neglected without reason or if him/a friend is threatened. He does tend to take a joking nature with his friends, casually saying things that may be insulting to those that aren’t his friends but those who are his friends generally understand it’s all in friendly nature.

Dueling Style: when given the chance, he goes on the assault. However, he prefers to take a slow beginning to a duel, focusing on weakening his opponent in order to prevent them getting too far ahead of him. He’s willing to make the sacrifices necessary to prevent his opponent taking too much control but his ultimate aim is to make sure that both he and his opponent enjoy the duel, regardless of the result. (this will be shown later)

Backstory: coming from a middle class family, draco grew up with access to a good life. His relationship with his parents was a positive one as they never once argued. Slevin had a good education and generally lived a quiet life. He had heard of yugioh many times whilst in primary school (being english) but it was when he hit high school that he saw a game for the first time, aged 11. The virtual monsters doing battle made his heart stop, causing him to collapse and receive medical treatment. This experience, however, made him want to step into this world which he’d never seen before. As soon as he left the hospital, he tracked down the closest card shop and ventured their. The people he met, they created a memory that would last forever to him. He watched the people around him duel and became invested in learning the game, first through what they could tell him as they taught him the way cards worked and about the different styles. He studied as much as he could at home on the different play styles and cards, looking for a fighting style that he fought would suit him and came across onyx dueling academy. Seeing it as a chance to learn, he applied to become a student.

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