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Flash Jackson

Post by Captain Bob on Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:23 pm

Name: Flash Jackson

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 171 lbs

Personality: Flash is one of the most charming young men you’ll meet. He’s generally laid back and easy to approach. Flash is very social and outgoing, and is the type of guy you’d find involved in all the big school clubs and groups, as well as many sports. He’s quite sharp as well, and generally performs well academically. People who are more introverted may find his confident and assertive presence or his status to be intimidating at times. Arrogant and rude people who behave annoyingly can bring out the worst of him at times, as he can be quick to go down to their level if provoked enough. Flash happily identifies as gay, though some of his female classmates might tell you he swings both ways.
Backstory: Flash hails from the great United States of America, born and raised. He first discovered the game of Duel Monsters when he found a job working the register at a local card shop when he was 13 years old. After a little while, he took an intrigue to the game and its lore, recognizing some of the cards from watching the other kids play at his school. After he bought some packs and built a deck of his own, there was no stopping him from there. He loved everything about the game from his first duel---not that you could blame him though. Flash was an excellent duelist, proving his skills to be outstanding right away. He eventually began entering in many underground dueling tournaments. He even snuck his way into dueling at a couple minor-league professional tournaments by lying about his age. Now going into his Senior year of high school, Flash has applied to the Onyx Dueling Academy, hoping to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible before trying to make his mark in the pro league.

Appearance: Flash is a tall, physically fit man with spiky blonde hair that he slicks back with a heap of gel. He likes to wear fitted pants with casual Converse sneakers, as well as usually wearing an open jacket with sports team t-shirts underneath, and always has on a necklace. His eyes are a mild crimson, and his left ear has multiple piercings, his right ear having just one.

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