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Kite Kessler

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He has brown hair while having an angular fringe hair style. Not only that but his face looks a bit well-toned due to him being athletic plus he has brown eyes as if having enough brown wasn't enough. He also wears a red jacket as well as some blue jeans. Underneath the red jacket is just a basic black t-shirt. His sneakers are more towards the modern casual wear such as Converse.

Name: Kite Kessler
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Kite presents himself as a risk taker, someone who will probably jump down what seems to be a bottomless hole to see if there's actually anything below it. A crazy example but nonetheless shows just how much of a risk taker Kite can actually be. Often he can find himself wrapped up in a mystery or involved in some small adventure of sorts. Though it could be a display of reckless, insensitive behavior, but Kite can display cleverness as well as intelligence.

Dueling Style:

In a duel, Kite loves to use the plays he is familiar with. After all if it isn't broke then don't fix it. Trying new things isn't alien to him but he'd only do it if the regular plays won't cut it. It's true that he would love to try new things, new decks and what not but if he has something he can always rely on then he will do just that.


Our story begins at a card shop belonging to the father of Kite Kessler. Having a father who owns a card shop, Kite was subjected into Duel Monsters at a relatively young age. What got him really excited was the ability to numerous strategies with different decks for different occasions. This combined with seeing others duel, Kite had settled onto playing the game himself. It wasn't an easy start adjusting to the game's rules and numerous amount of cards, but Kite was able to learn given some time.

We now look at today where Kite will attend Onyx Dueling Academy in order to hone his skills as a duelist. He feels that there is still so much to see and do as not only as a duelist but as a person. His father had told him that no matter how good someone is, there is always someone better. With that philosophy in mind, Kite holds a goal of constantly improving while making new deck ideas.

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