Kaydon Christopher

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Kaydon Christopher

Post by Anox Lynx on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:31 pm

Appearance: Bleach blonde hair that goes down to below his mouth. Rather tall and lean, somewhat attractive. Strong Jawline .
Name: Kaydon Christopher
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Personality: Dominant, he jokes a lot and has a crude sense of humor. He makes jokes at wrong times, lil bit gay.

Dueling Style: Steady playing somewhat cautious until he has full field control.

Backstory: Not very tragic, he had a good childhood though as he went through middle school he went through bullying and duel monsters became more of an escape than it already was. He is pretty good though has rather low self esteem and tries to joke to ease himself into friendships. He heard about Onyx because of one of his best friends who was a year older went there and he strived to get in.

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