New person with wind deck and his new person for the RP! Duh.

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New person with wind deck and his new person for the RP! Duh.

Post by TrulyLoved4 on Thu May 18, 2017 8:17 pm

"I'll kill you with love now, okay?" ~ Jeremy Fox

Name: Jeremy "Jer" Fox Valentine

Gender: Male Hetero

Age: 16

Dueling Style: He's more aggressive, choosing to take people's "love points" as he calls them as fast as he can.

Personality: Jeremy is a kind and loving individual with a really big heart, always helping those in need. He's very extroverted, enjoying stuff like parties and karaoke. He's all snuggly and loving, opening up to individuals easily.  

Background: He was born the only child of a middle-class woman and man, so he was somewhat spoiled in his upbringing, getting everything he wanted most of the time. (Except that lollipop, RIP. Jk JK) He learned about some weird card game that caught his eye when he was 12 and eventually got a pre-made deck for the game. He started playing it at a shop, buying rare cards to upgrade his deck and fit it to his dueling style. By when he was 13 he had topped a small tournament in the shop with a Harpie deck he had made, so now, he signed up for a prestigious academy he heard about and is on his way to it.

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