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Cassidy Brimcove

Post by ToadMan on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:38 pm

Name: Cassidy Brimcove
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Personality: Comedic, tends to make jokes most of the time. Cass is seen as light-hearted and chatty. He is always telling jokes, most of which are only funny to himself. He usually does this to cover up fear or anxiety. He enjoys boasting about his abilities, much to the annoyance of the others, but he proves to be a good friend and a trusted ally. He is also somewhat high-strung, typically being the first to panic in stressful situations. His bad mouth can drive people to a state of exasperation, typically the authorities or people he dislikes.
Dueling Style: Cass plays a counter based game, attempting to counter his opponents plays to heighten and increase his own. In addition, his base strategy is supported by his speed plays.
Backstory: Cass' life so far has been quite normal, nothing to crazy. He typically is out talking and socializing or residing in the outdoors birdwatching or overlooking the life of avian and bird species. He got into dueling purely because of his friends, as they started to duel he felt it would be a good way to kill time and hang out with friends, dueling soon turned to be something bigger for Cass, something he was willing to take to a much farther extent.


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