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Jeremiah Foster

Post by Jerimiah Foster on Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:45 pm

Name: Jeremiah Issaktar Foster
Gender: Male
Age: 24.
Height: 6'3
Weight: 160 lb.
Class Taught: Intermediate Deckbuilding.
Appearance:  Jeremiah is a tall, well dressed young man. He wears a tan vest, with a dress shirt and tie underneath. He wears jeans and boots along with this. He has long, dark grey hair, with silver eyes.
Personality: Jeremiah is a stern, but kind Teacher, compared to his Uncle Alistair, who teaches Advanced Deckbuilding. He is a very active teacher as compared to the others. He is happy to help any student and loves being outdoors.
Bio: Jeremiah was born into Duel Monsters. His family bloodline has roots stretching all the way back to it's creation. Growing up learning from his Uncle Alistair, Jeremiah is a very well rounded duelist. He met Leon Robinson at a Dueling Tournament, and was offered a job to teach at his upcoming Onyx Academy. He teaches Intermediate deck construction.
Dueling Style: Very methodical, often playing his opponents right into a trap or a ambush for a full on assault.
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