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Leon Robinson

Post by Leon Robinson on Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:47 pm

Name: Leon Robinson

Gender: Male
Age: 36

Personality: A very calm and collective person. Very determined at what he does. Usually has a smile on his face. Can be hyper sometimes, but usually is once again calm. A very intelligent individual. Always likes to teach others.

Dueling Style: Very aggressive play style, will usually go for board control. However, when that doesn't work he can easily swap to a defensive style to regain his control over the board.

Backstory: Leon Robinson was born to a moderately wealthy family. He didn't really have any issue growing up, however he did have one thing of interest; Duel Monsters, Leon has a higher understanding of the game, even when he first started out he picked it up immediately. He quickly rose to a pro level when he was still in his teen years. This quickly brought him wealth and fame which he decided to put toward opening a duel academy; Onyx Dueling Academy. He is now awaiting the first generation of students to be admitted to Onyx Dueling Academy. In his words "These students will be the next generation of professional duelists."
Leon Robinson
Leon Robinson

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